1. This consensus for action creates a framework for all actions within the Ineos Will Fall campaign to stop the plans for the new INEOS installations (Project One) in the Port of Antwerp and to call for a sustainable and socially just transition to a climate- and carbon-neutral port in Antwerp. 

  2. Despite the concerns of citizens and civil society, who are calling for and suggesting a just transition for the Port of Antwerp, INEOS, with the support of the City and Province of Antwerp, the Flemish Region and Port of Antwerp, continues to pursue these destructive plans. Given the urgency of the current climate and ecological crisis and the lack of a sustainable and socially just transition towards a climate- and carbon-neutral port, we consider it necessary and appropriate to go a step further. For example, we are strengthening public protest with actions of civil disobedience. 

  3. Actions within the Ineos Will Fall campaign, can be organised autonomously or in a collaborative manner, taking this consensus for action into account. The various action groups are free to use a range of tactics, such as awareness-raising actions, banners and blockades. Depending on the needs and experiences of each group, different tactics can be used. 

  4. We will take action responsibly and safely without endangering people. This applies to activists and employees of the port on the one hand, as well as to security personnel on behalf of Ineos or the security services on the other hand. The safety of the participating activists, the port employees and workers and all those involved is our top priority. 

  5. In our actions, we try to take maximum account of COVID measures. The basic rules (social distancing, mouth masks, use of hand grips and other good practices) are respected. We also ask all participants to do this and provide the necessary material where necessary. We explicitly ask journalists, security personnel and security services to respect these measures as well.

  6. We show solidarity and demand a transition to a sustainable port and to climate and ecological justice. This transition can only be sustainable if it includes income and job security for all employees within the port of Antwerp. 

  7. We show solidarity with, and establish links with, the local communities affected by fracking, shale gas extraction and plastic pollution who want to protect their living environment, whether or not they have the opportunity to take action. 

  8. We try to create as much as possible a situation that is accessible to activists from different backgrounds and experiences, and in which we respect and support each other. All forms of discrimination, including racism, ageism, homophobia, sexism, transphobia and gender representation, ableism, and all active discrimination based on ethnicity, asylum status and nationality, language skills and socio-economic background, beliefs have no place in this campaign. 

  9. Any attempt to abuse this opposition to the extraction of fossil fuels, and more specifically to production methods based on shale gas extraction and the unbridled production of plastics, for party political purposes will not be permitted. In order to safeguard the autonomy of action within the campaign, abuse or appropriation by political players will not be tolerated.