• INEOS Project One must fall – Two new plastic factories based on polluting shale gas from the US, with massive CO2 emissions, is a symbolic case for the climate and environmental movement, and an example of how our democracy chains itself to big capital and industrial powers like INEOS. We call on Flanders and the port and city of Antwerp to shake off the influence of climate-criminal actors such as INEOS and to regain their political autonomy. The development of a building project such as INEOS Project One has no place on our territory. With a broad coalition, and a strong campaign, we are sending a clear message to Flanders, the city of Antwerp and the port of Antwerp. 

  • A policy that disconnects itself from Big Oil & Gas – In the midst of a global climate crisis and in the context of a global plastic problem, a policy is being pursued in Flanders and Antwerp that further reinforces the negative consequences of both issues. Rolling out the red carpet for a project such as INEOS Project One shows a great lack of political vision and responsibility on the part of our policymakers. We demand an end to this old “normal” situation where Big Oil & Gas has the upper hand in our ports and regions. Governments must stop releasing subsidies and giving tax benefits to industries of the past. It must end once and for all that the big capital and industry keep receiving favors at the expense of our economy, durable employment, our collective welfare, our ecosystems and our future!

  • Building with vision towards a port of the future – We challenge our policymakers to take decisions with courage, vision and in a socially just manner towards an industrious, circular, climate- and carbon-neutral a port of the future, transitioning in a socially just manner for all workers involved in port activities. 
  • Awareness-raising – Ineos Will Fall organises eye-catching actions to inform citizens about the plans around INEOS Project One. In this way, we want to give citizens – in contrast to the public authorities, the port and INEOS itself – the right information about what is happening in the port of Antwerp and what the consequences will be on an ecological, climatological and economic level, but also on a social level for the employees in and around the port.

  • Investigation – Concretely, we work together with investigative journalists and agencies to investigate the link between INEOS, shale gas extraction in the US, Big Oil & Gas and plastic production and pollution. We want to know what the impact is on our economy and our living environment. We also ask ourselves what the negative consequences are of government policies in tackling the current climate crisis. 

  • Mobilisation & Action – We try to mobilize as many citizens, organisations and collectives as possible by, in addition to raising awareness, also actively participating in the fight against the arrival of INEOS Project One, and related to this, in the fight for a policy around a port of the future, with vision and towards an industrious and socially just, circular, climate- and carbon-neutral port. This can be done on the ground during offline actions, as well as online via social media, collective digital actions and petitions. 

  • Coalition – From the start of the campaign, we are building a network and a broad coalition of citizens, local initiatives, climate, environmental, animal rights and social collectives and movements to act together, to shape the “Ineos Will Fall” campaign and to join forces to bring down INEOS Project One.
  • As an inclusive campaign, we invite citizens, activists and organisations to take actions offline and/or online (via social media) on behalf of – or in cooperation with – the Ineos Will Fall campaign. This can be done entirely autonomously, or in collaboration with the campaign team, as long as these actions fit within our action consensus
  • Get involved! You can actively participate in the campaign, individually or as an organisation, in various ways. You can mobilize for our offline actions and share our calls via social media and through our own mailing list. 

  • Organize with us! Members of organisations and collectives can also participate in permanent and/or ad hoc working groups, with or without a mandate from the organisation (to be discussed internally with their own organisation). Permanent working groups are: the coordination team, funding, legal, communication and action. The ad hoc working groups are set up for each specific action and are of a temporary nature. 

  • Spread out! As an individual or organisation, you can commit yourself to spread our digital messages as much as possible, as well as calls and online actions such as petitions, within the networks. 

  • You can contact us individually or on behalf of your organisation via the Facebook page or send an e-mail to ineoswillfall@protonmail.com. We will respond as quickly as possible, answer any questions you may have and, if you wish, make an appointment to get to know each other better. After subscribing to the charter and the action consensus, we would like to welcome you to our coalition!