One of the most polluting industries in the world, INEOS, wants to build a new plant in the harbour of Antwerp: INEOS Project One. This factory will emit more than a million tonnes of CO2,  will run on the polluting shale gas and lead to even more plastic in rivers and oceans. For the construction, 55 hectares of forest would be cut down. INEOS is also known for social mismanagement and has been condemned several times for breaches of social legislation.

This project is the example of the wrong choices being made about the future of the port of Antwerp. Under pressure from the chemical industry lobby, the port of Antwerp and the Flemish government are going against the advice of experts and the many voices in society. Instead of investing in fossil-free, circular projects with quality jobs, they give millions of euros in direct subsidies and stand surety for half a billion euros. The British businessman Jim Ratcliffe, owner of INEOS, multimillionaire and notorious tax evader with very little respect for workers’ rights, benefits from this.

This is a turning point! With ‘INEOS Will Fall’, we are taking action to free ourselves from the stranglehold of the polluting fossil industry, which violates human rights around the world. INEOS Project One has no place in the port of Antwerp. Everyone has the right to healthy nature, a safe climate and quality jobs.


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