5 JAN 2020 - Bart De Wever Giant Doll @ City of Antwerp Winter BBQ (with Make Noise For Climate)

Start of the campaign. At this stage Project One was being helped 'a political hand' by City of Antwerp and the Province of Antwerp. Against advice from experts and the Flemish Region both levels gave a green light for deforestation.

15 JAN 2020 - Climate Solidarity I @ INEOS Phenol

At another INEOS plant in the chemical sector a union representative gets fired in a very anti-social way. He was pleading for more security and more durable work conditions. We decided within our campaign to go show our support and strengthen their barricades.

19 JAN 2020 - Climate Solidarity II @ INEOS Phenol

Slowly but surely we were able to explain our vision for a port of the future with job security, durable jobs within circular and climate neutral industry.

20 JAN 2020 - Climate Solidarity III @ INEOS Phenol

The strike kept going on for many weeks and first voices start to whisper this might become the longest strike in a long time. INEOS bosses were putting pressure on INEOS employees that would have contact with the climate movement.

29 JAN 2020 - Climate Solidarity IV @ INEOS Phenol

It was very cold each early morning we passed by in support in the early hours in a waking port. Our presence became more and more appreciated, we started to feel the warmth of solidarity on the strikers picket. Fun anecdote : they kept offering us hot dogs, always forgetting we are mostly vegan 🙂

03 FEB 2020 - Climate Solidarity V @ INEOS Phenol

The weeks passing by, we start to get some attention of new partners in the coalition. More and more activists belonging to different climate & environmental collectives start to join, wake up to catch the first train in the cold february mornings.

05 FEB 2020 - Climate Solidarity VI @ INEOS Phenol (with Youth For Climate & XR Youth)

Youth for Climate had a heavy road behind them with the many Schoolstrikes and Climate Marches. Some even went over the Ocean to see what dirty industry is doing to the Amazones. Believing in social justice within climate justice they came to show their support.

07 FEB 2020 - Bart De Wever Giant Selfie @ Global Strike For Future (with Youth For Climate)

On the first sunny day of the year, we continue with an action to get attention for INEOS Project One on the Ocean March. We wish to state that this factory will poison our Oceans, not only with ocean warming, acidification and depopulation, but also with plastic waste.

10 FEB 2020 - Climate Solidarity VII @ INEOS Phenol

The Strikers post is reaching a climax. Tension is high. INEOS management is blocking every agreement and stubbornly goes forward. While the wishes of the employees are not very costly to the company, INEOS management wishes to continue although it costs them millions in production benefits.

17 FEB 2020 - Climate Solidarity VIII @ INEOS Phenol

The weather is getting rainy and windy. We need to stand closely together to keep warm and out of the wind. It feels like we start to know many of the workers at INEOS Phenol and surrounding chemical plants. Interesting discussions arise around a modern development of the port of Antwerp.

20 FEB 2020 - Climate Solidarity IX @ INEOS Phenol

INEOS management is playing it hard. After 6 cold weeks in harsh weather, but a lot of warmth from the solidarity we shared at the strikers post, we take a group picture for our time together at the ports 2nd longest strike ever recorded. Shortly after the unions and workers and INEOS Phenol came to an agreement.

30 APR 2020 - Banner Drops @ Flemish Parliament / Port House Antwerp

COVID-19 and the lock-down hits us. The climate movement has to re-organize and plan differently. After some weeks we start to see more anti-activism repression and we decide it's time to defend the right to protest. We see the case of INEOS Project One is going to Flanders, and we decide to do during lock-down a banner drop in front of the Flemish Parliament and the Port.

15 MEI 2020 - Plastic Nurdle Hunt & Handover @ Port House Antwerp (with Climaxi)

Our friends of Climaxi have organized a plastic pellet hunt. We went to fill dozens of boxes with plastic pellets at the shores of the Antwerp river. We went to 'return them to deliverer' back at the port house. Project One is meant to infuse the production of such pellets.

01 JUN 2020 - Actie tegen INEOS-Gas-boetes @ City of Antwerp

37 activists get a fine for our very first action in January. We were ID-checked for activism against a very sensitive project, in which the Antwerp political hand is very involved. We see this clearly as political intimidation by the Mayor himself and decide to re-enact our very first action as a response with slightly altered banners.

04 JUL 2020 - United for a new nomal

Once it was allowed again to have limited manifestations during COVID-19 and the global economies started to tremble, we came together with +40 other organisations to show that another world is possible. We will not go back to business as usual and redefine our social & economical model

26 JUN 2020 – Havenhuis op Ramkoers @ Port House Antwerp

We get together with 40 activists and let the Port House – which seems like a gigantic boat – fare towards a big plastic iceberg. On music of Titanic we want to creatively raise awareness of this Climate Killer and Plastic Waste Machine coming to the port of Antwerp. Will we ever learn from history, or will the port of Antwerp crash into its own demise with such new projects? The Port has a choice : or it continues like before, or it stops here, with INEOS Project One, and builds towards the future, with vision and courage, towards a port of modernity, circular industry, durable jobs and climate neutrality. 

19 JUL 2020 - Dragon ship @port of antwerp

One of INEOS' Dragon Ships docks in Antwerp, carrying yet another fossil cargo of ethane mined in the shale gas fields of the US! It's high time to bring this harmful, transatlantic, virtual fossil pipeline to the surface once again!

30 SEP 2020 - Zuhal Demir aan de schandpaal

The Flemish Minister of Environment & Energy Zuhal Demir has to make a decision around the renewed permit application for INEOS Project One. Granting the permit to INEOS for the construction of this plant will chain the Flemish policy for the next decades in the production of fossil fuels & plastics. We will not allow this!

03 OCT 2020 - site occupation Ineos Project One

The action was a great success! With more than 100 activists we held out for 12 hours at the site where Ineos wants to build Project One. After a great show of force by the police (even the bearcat was there... ) more than 70 activists were arrested. We don't want a new plastic factory! What do we want? Investments in circular and climate neutral projects and quality and safe jobs!.

18 OCT 2020 - Zonde van Vlaanderen

This Sunday we hung a large banner on a more than 200-year-old windmill on the route of the Ronde van Vlaanderen. By choosing this building, we refer to the outdated technology of the new installations in the port of Antwerp, which INEOS and the Flemish political authorities like to incorrectly sell as 'State of the Art' technology. INEOS continues to cling to old Catofin technology and to extract heavily polluting shale gas from the USA, even for their new plastics factory in Antwerp.

30 OCT 2020 - Open letter for Hilde Crevits

We handed over our open letter to minister Hilde Crevits. Together with 11 other organizations including Greenpeace Belgium, Youth For Climate and Climaxi, we urge her and her colleagues in the Flemish government not to grant a guarantee to Ineos Project One!.

11 DEC 2020 - Global actionday against shale gas

We support Shale Must Fall with their international fight against fracking.

28 DEC 2020 - Action with Fairfin: mail your bank

KBC Bank & Insurance, ING, BNL BNP Paribas and Belfius in Belgium are already financing Ineos subsidiaries that make plastic raw materials from ethane from shale gas, just as Project One wants to do. These banks also have no problem financing Ineos' financial holdings where it is not clear afterwards where the money will end up.

12 JAN 2021 - Stickeraction

Seven Antwerp artists have organized a sticker campaign to protest the arrival of the new plastic factory INEOS Project One in the Port of Antwerp. Charlotte Dumortier, Cazzimir Meulemans, Fred, El Neoray, Karen François and Rein Vyncke, among others, made a design. An original way to bring the issues surrounding the planned plastic factory to the attention of the general public.

18 MEI 2021 - Action monddood with Greenpeace

With activists of different climate and environmental movements, we have taken action at the Flemish Parliament with a clear message: Do not silence our nature! Is this the way to quickly approve this polluting and economically insane project? We want our voice to be heard against Ineos Project One, against the polluting fossil industry!

31 MEI 2021 - Action @kabinet Hilde Crevits

We took action at the cabinet of Hilde Crevits, Flemish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy. INEOS Project One is ecological and economic madness. We therefore demand that no guarantee be given for the financing of this project. The project is so financially risky that the banks are only prepared to finance it if the Flemish government, via Participatiemaatschappij Vlaanderen (PMV), guarantees 250 to 500 million euros. During the action we also handed over an open letter co-signed by eleven organizations including Greenpeace Belgium, Youth For Climate, Climate Express and Recycling Netwerk Benelux .

04 JUL 2021 - Mars voor een gezonde haven

Enough is enough. Our health is at stake. We will not put up with this any longer and demand clarity and transparency about the pollution in our city and port. We have a right to clean soil, clean air and clear water. We demand that our government takes the necessary steps and looks for a solution. A solution in which the polluter pays, farmers are given a clear future, employees can work safely in the port and citizens can eat eggs and vegetables from their gardens again as soon as possible.

18 SEP 2021 - Action @Bonapartedok Antwerp

Cleaning up plastic is important but we think it is even more important to turn off the tap before you start mopping. We are of course in favor of cleaning up plastic and other litter. But we think it is even more important to look at big solutions, and here we are talking about the new application that the chemical company INEOS has made to build an ethane cracker in the port of Antwerp. Such an ethane cracker will produce base materials for plastic, while there is plenty of plastic produced worldwide.

21 JAN 2022 - Action yard sign

With this action we want to inform the people of Antwerp and make them aware of the pollution and emissions that are to come and what it will cost us!

28 JAN 2022 - Action @cabinet Minister Demir

Samen met verschillende bezorgde burgers, activisten en NGO's gingen we naar het kabinet van Minister Demir. We hebben één eis; schrap de vergunning voor de ethaankraker! Op 16 december 2021 keurde de Antwerpse Deputatie de vergunningsaanvraag voor Project One goed. 13 NGO's en de provincie Zeeland gingen in beroep. De bal ligt in het kamp van Zuhal Demir.